My Classroom Expectations

1) Be prepared: 
  come to class with all needed supplies (i.e. pencil, paper, binder, workbooks)
  stay on task
  engage in constructive activities if/when finished with class work.
2) Be on time:
   be in your assigned seat and working when class begins
   no running into the classroom
   read and follow your student handbook, as well as follow the policies in the handbook.
3) Be respectful:
   discuss ideas NOT people
   keep hands and feet to yourself
   be considerate while others are working
   if something isn't yours, then LEAVE IT alone
   write ONLY on your own paper
   observe and obey all rules and policies, whether given in written or verbal form.
4) Participate without fear:
   ask questions when you do not understand
   do not be afraid to answer a question