Bridge to Algebra II Outline

Week of January 27 - 31:

Mon, Jan 27:  2.10 Solving Multi-Step Inequalities Notes

Wed, Jan 29: 2.10 Solving Multi-Step Inequalities worksheet

Fri, Jan 31: Quiz over Solving Equations, Word Problems and Multi-Step Inequalities 

Week of January 20 - 24:

Mon, Jan 20: NO SCHOOL -- Martin Luther King, Jr

Tues, Jan 21: Finish 2.8 Notes and begin worksheet

Thurs, Jan 23: Finish 2.8 worksheet

Week of January 13 - 17:

Mon, Jan 13: 2.5 Solving Absolute Value Equations worksheet #1-16

Wed, Jan 15: 2.6 Solving Literal Equations Notes and worksheet #1-12

Fri, Jan 17: Finish 2.6 worksheet and grade; Begin 2.8 Solving Word Problems Notes

Week of January 6 - 10:

Tues, Jan 7:

Thurs, Jan 9: 2.5 Solving Absolute Value Equations Notes

Course Overview:
Bridge to Algebra II was developed with the intent to provide students who have completed
Algebra I the foundation they need to be successful in a Common Core State Standards for
Mathematics (CCSS-M) Algebra II Course. This class is intended to reinforce linear concepts that
were introduced in Algebra I, master quadratics and exponential concepts, and introduce higher
order concepts to prepare students for success in Algebra II.